Nikon Walkley Slide Win …

Took a quick trip to Brisbane on Tuesday to attend the Nikon Walkley Photographers Slide Night at the Powerhouse.

An excellent evening was made even more so when my slide piece “Life in a Coffin: Hong Kong” was voted by the majority of the assembled throng (which numbered about 70) as the Winning Entry.

The event attracted twenty multimedia movie entries from a talented bunch of photojournalists on a diverse range of subjects including ‘seagulls ‘n’ chips’, ‘disaster in Bangladesh’, ‘Anzacs’, ‘trawlermen’, ‘actors’ and ‘Shanghai fashion week’ … so to be selected as the best by one’s peers is, indeed, an honour.

Thanks to Nikon I left with a prize of a Nikon 1 V1 camera and a couple of lenses.

“Life in a Coffin: Hong Kong” consists of a collection of still images from my recent visit to Hong Kong to document the plight of the twenty percent and rapidly increasing poor in a city that is arguably the richest on the planet.

You can see the complete Winning presentation below .. albeit at a lower resolution than the original.

Images and Movie © Brian Cassey

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