‘fotostrada’ – Best Images of 2015 …

My colleagues and I at the photojournalist collective ‘fotostrada’ have published an annual collection of our best images for several years now … and  2 0 1 5  wasn’t going to be an exception.

The ‘fotostrada’ ‘BEST Images of 2015’ collection – 40 emotive photographs from members Dean Lewins, Graham Crouch, Tracey Nearmy, Craig Greenhill, Sam Mooy, Dan Himbrechts and myself – are now up on our web site at … http://www.fotostrada.com/latest-stories/fotostrada—best-images-of-2015/

… and below is a sneak peak of the thumbnails of just three quarters of the images … clicking on the pic will take you to the full collection.

As well as images from the farthest points of Australia there is also work from India, Burma, Scotland, USA, Sri Lanka and Turkey. (We’re a well travelled lot at ‘fotostrada’)

Images © individual ‘fotostrada’ photographers

'fotostrada' BEST of 2015 image collection

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