Footy …

Twas last Friday lunch time … and the pool and bar area at Gilligan’s Backpackers in Cairns was packed with bikini clad backpackers only outnumbered by numerous Australian Rules footy players on their traditional ‘end of season tour’.

My unenviable task was to make some images to accompany a story on the ‘end of season footy tourists’ for the Sunday Mail. Seemed like every half drunk (or more) backpacker/footy player either wanted to get involved in the pics or pass colourful judgement on the proceedings … but eventually all the usual formulaic pics were in the can.

As I was about to take my leave I grabbed this frame of travelling footy players around the bar – just as one decided to check out the ‘features’ of one of the available ‘talent’. The image was ‘filed’ with the others made at Gilligan’s … but I was later reminded by the SM ‘desk’ that they are a family newspaper …

image © Brian Cassey 2014



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