Sydney Unhanging … & World Press …

Back from a quick trip down to Sydney to ‘dehang’ the “A Photographer’s Life – Part One” exhibition at Juniper Hall … and made the most of the two and a bit days in the harbour city.

Was fortunate to score the help of not one, but two, lovely ‘assistants’ during Mondays take down and packing of the works from the exhibition walls. Both Jewel Isaacs (a great friend from my early days in Cairns who I hadn’t caught up with for several decades) and Jennifer Allison (fellow UK ‘ex-pat’ and now a passionate new full time photographer based in Sydney) turned up to lend a hand.

With the exhibition prints duly dispatched back to Cairns, Jen and I took time out to see some of the last Head On Photo Festival exhibitions of this years festival at the Gaffa Gallery … including Matthew Portch’s “Lost America”, John Dobson’s “Suburbia” and Sissy Reyes’s “The Martians Are Coming”. Some intriguing work …

However, the undoubted highlight was a several hour visit (Tuesday before the flight back home) to Australia’s oldest library – the State Library of New South Wales – to see the “2017 World Press Photo Exhibition”. If you haven’t yet made it to this years brilliant World Press exhibition I strongly suggest you do … there is nothing better than seeing these absolutely amazing images from the Planet’s best photojournalists exceedingly well lit, printed large and displayed around the library’s cavernous old walls for maximum impact. The words and stories surrounding the images also stir the emotions. The “2017 World Press Photo Exhibition” runs till the 25th June.

(If you do make it to the State Library for World Press … an added bonus is that there is another exhibition on the same floor by Sydney street portraitist Jon Lewis – “Beauty in Difference” – that is also well worth your attention.)


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