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Although it sounds like the start of joke … an Ethicist, an Astrophysicist, a Geneticist, an expert in Artificial Intelligence, a former elite AFL, a Logie Film Producer … and a photographer walk into a theatre.

The ‘photographer’ was little old I … and with the other much more distinguished mentioned above … we made up the list of speakers at TEDx Alfred in Melbourne last week with the subject of the event “A Better World”.

First time I’ve been invited to talk at a TEDx … in reality a little of a daunting prospect especially considering the talent of the accompanying ‘Professor’ and ‘Doctor’ speakers. Won’t go into too much detail here but included in the speakers list were … Professor Julian Savulescu (a World renowned professor of ethics and cloning), Dr Stefan Hajkowicz (Senior CSIRO scientist), Professor Erwin Loh (Executive Director of Innovation, Monash Health and AI expert), Dr Jennifer Piscionere (MCRI researcher with a PhD in astrophysics), Laura Waters (Logie winning film producer) … and more.

My contribution to the event was a talk and images on the contradiction that is Manus Island PNG … on one hand a tropical paradise home for 60,000 … on the other a ‘hell’ for hundreds of asylum seekers at the hands of the Australian Government. Sixty images were projected during the twenty minutes of “Manus Island … Heaven and Hell”.

A fascinating day at the AMREP lecture theatre, the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne. Many Thanks to The Alfred’s Viveka Nainani for the very welcomed invitation.

Sadly … (ahem) … due to TEDx contractural requirements, recordings of ‘invitation only’ TEDx events may only be used ‘in house’. Sorry bout that … really I am !

Below … a couple of images from the TEDx projection “Manus Island … Heaven and Hell” … © Brian Cassey

TEDX Alfred

TEDx Alfred - "Manus Island ... Heaven & Hell" by Brian Cassey

TEDx Alfred - "Manus Island ... Heaven & Hell" by Brian Cassey


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