“Finding the Right Photographer” … Photo Editor Feedback …

Stunned !!!!!

I’ve already posted on my recent Papua New Guinea work on Yaws disease … so I’ll make this short and to the point …

I’ve worked with countless picture editors over the years … that’s central to the task … but never before have I had a picture editor put in writing for everyone his thoughts on how he found and employed yours truly … and publicly voice and detail his appreciation for my work ! (See post below … )

Bill Douthitt (‘Science’ Journal, Photography Managing Editor) … I’m both touched and grateful ! Thanks … and it was also a distinct pleasure to work with your good self and all at ‘Science’.

(NB … It’s also a very good informative read … If the copy of Bill’s ‘Science’ blog (below) is challenging the eyesight a little you want to read it at it’s original home on the ‘Science’ blog here at … http://blogs.sciencemag.org/vis/2018/07/23/finding-the-right-photographer/

Images © Brian Cassey, ‘Science’ … post/text © Bill Douthitt – Managing Photography Editor, ‘Science’ Journal


Science Journal - Blog post by pic ed Bill Douthitt - 'Finding the Right Photographer - photographer Brian Cassey - story Yaws Disease in PNG

Big … BIGGER … !

My web site is currently undergoing a revamp ! The aim is to make the images render much larger … and the pics will also be optimised for the viewing screen size. Navigation of the site will also be improved with new mouseovers and other recent innovations.

The refurbishment work is being undertaken by Karl at Julian Communication  – who did such a good job on the current site that it still looks fresh years after it’s original launch in 2006.

Karl and Jesper at Julian Communication have a presence in Stockholm, Berlin and Shanghai and have made something of a niche for themselves with their photographers web sites.

If you require a site that best showcases your photography work I can highly recommend them.

When the new site goes live you will hear about it here!