Something Completely Different … ‘Blunt’ …

Tenth Anniversary ‘Blunt’ – ten years since Cairns artists Dominic Johns and Roland Nancarrow created “The Blunt Edge of Portraiture” in a light hearted nod to established portrait prizes … the Archibald and Moran Prizes.

Embraced by Cairns artists of many creative mediums, the invitational ‘Blunt’ has grown massively since inception. Each artist is challenged to create a portrait work that captures the essence of a fellow artist … and on Saturday eve nearly seventy portraits lined the walls of the homely Pink Phoenix Gallery for the tenth anniversary “Blunt of the Decade” celebration … and there is no celebration like a ‘Blunt’ celebration !

I was charged to create a work of young artist Fiona Price … who had her first exhibition ‘Eyes’ just a couple of years back (seems we have a fascination with eyes in common 🙂 ).

To match the unbridled creativity of Cairns artists I thought I’d better create something a little more ‘out of the box’ creatively than my usual work … and with the help of a very receptive Fiona put together my entry (below … full frame (top) and on the wall on Saturday at Pink Phoenix Gallery). Fiona gamely endured body paint and house paint … and the pain of paint in her eye. Thanks Fiona … !

This years big ‘Blunt’ winner was Jessica Roelofs for her portrait of fellow artist Suzi O’Malley.

Sadly … the ‘Blunt’ has outgrown the suburban Pink Phoenix Gallery … but 2017 might just possibly herald a new era of ‘Blunt’ at the wonderful and spacious Tanks Arts Centre. Bring it on …

UPDATE : Pleased to discover that my portrait (below) of Fiona has been selected in a “Best of Blunt” collection to be exhibitied at the ‘Flying Monkey Gallery’ in Sheridan Street Cairns from mid December through to January.

Images © Brian Cassey 2016

2016 Blunt Edge of Portraiture - 10th Anniversary - Portrait of Fiona Price by Brian Cassey