Instagram, The Australian, and me …

I’ve spent my entire career making images of other people from the back side of a camera.   So it was a little daunting and very different to be asked to supply an image of myself “Instagramming” for an article in The Australian newspaper on the rise of the social media photography application.

“Instagram” has quickly grown to 27 million iPhone users in just 17 months … and a version for Android users is due to be realised any day now.

It is widely used on a daily basis by a growing number of Australia’s top photojournalists who delight in the creativity and competition that the app invites.

The article in The Weekend Australian – written by journalist Chris Griffith and published across the entire top half of page 7 on Saturday March 24th – tells of the rapid rise and the possible future for the “Instagram” app, and my experiences using it.

The main pic in the spread was an image I (reluctantly!) shot of myself using the iPhone at beautiful Mission Beach … and this was surrounded by some of my most ‘liked’ “Instagram” images. (I promise not to get into the habit of taking pics of myself!)

Below I’ve posted an image of the top half of page 7 showing how The Weekend Australian ran the story.

The text of the article can be found here … and The Australian’s gallery of some of my “Instagram” images – all taken on a now ageing iPhone4 –  is here.

If you wish to follow my work on “Instagram” look for … @brian_cassey

‘fotostrada’ on Facebook …

As many of you may know I am a member of the photojournalist collective ‘fotostrada’ – currently eleven experienced well respected and awarded photojournalists based all around the Australian and Asian continents.

As well as maintaining a web site shopfront at which showcases our collective work in personal folios, pic essays and monthly ‘New Singles’ , we also host a Facebook page where we compile, on a regular basis, news items on all aspects of photojournalism, street photography, pro photographer gear and other pro photography related interests.

The page has already amassed a large following (well over 700 at present) and discussion on items posted is proving popular.

You may become one of our ‘fotostrada’ Facebook page followers by visiting us at and clicking on the ‘Like’ button at the top of the page.

Below is a screen shot of part of the latest ‘fotostrada’ page showing news items etc .

See you there …

Instagram … Instant Gratification …

Apple has just announced that it’s “iPhone App Of 2011” is the ‘photographers Facebook’ – “Instagram”.

Media photographers in Australia have certainly embraced the much lauded image sharing application and fierce rivalry is rampant. It certainly is addictive …

The idea is you make photographs on your iPhone (other image capturing devices are generally frowned upon), compose in a square (6×6 like) format, apply filters etc and then post it to “Instagram” where your followers and other viewers comment on or ‘Like’ you efforts.

The process is certainly rewarding, competitive and cathartic … and the list of top Australian pro snappers that ‘can’t get enough ‘ is impressive – Adam Taylor (@adamtaylorphoto), Brad Hunter (@hunterphoto), Dean Lewins (@deanlewinsphoto), Lisa Wiltse (@lisawiltse), Nick Moir (@nampix), Quentin Jones (@heycharger), Steve Christo (@christo1966), Toby Zerna (@zerns), Wolter Peters (@snapperwol), Craig Greenhill (@saltwaterimages), Mark “Crusty’ Baker (@crustybaker), Rob Griffith (@griffgear), Brett Costello (@brettcostellophoto), Glenn Campbell (@glenn_campbell), Greg Porteous (@skipper_aust), Mark Evans (@evohood) and partner Jenny Evans (@mrs_evo) – and many more … (apologies to those I’ve forgotten!).

It certainly encourages some real creativity and is a welcome diversion from the day to day press image grind.

My recent foray into “Instagram” is under the moniker @brian_cassey.

I’ve posted below some images from my  “Instagram” efforts – clicking on the pics will take you to their respective address’s in the app where you can see “likes”,  “comments” and how the app actually operates.

“Instagram” is free …

All Images © Brian Cassey