‘fotostrada’ – Best Images of 2015 …

My colleagues and I at the photojournalist collective ‘fotostrada’ have published an annual collection of our best images for several years now … and  2 0 1 5  wasn’t going to be an exception.

The ‘fotostrada’ ‘BEST Images of 2015’ collection – 40 emotive photographs from members Dean Lewins, Graham Crouch, Tracey Nearmy, Craig Greenhill, Sam Mooy, Dan Himbrechts and myself – are now up on our web site at … http://www.fotostrada.com/latest-stories/fotostrada—best-images-of-2015/

… and below is a sneak peak of the thumbnails of just three quarters of the images … clicking on the pic will take you to the full collection.

As well as images from the farthest points of Australia there is also work from India, Burma, Scotland, USA, Sri Lanka and Turkey. (We’re a well travelled lot at ‘fotostrada’)

Images © individual ‘fotostrada’ photographers

'fotostrada' BEST of 2015 image collection

‘fotostrada’ … BEST images of 2012 …

As another year draws to a close all of us at the ‘fotostrada’ collective are determined not to be outdone by all the ‘best of’ image lists that sprout online and in apps at this time of year.

So … we’ve come up with our very own “The ‘fotostrada’ BEST of 2012” gallery … which is now live on our web site at http://www.fotostrada.com/#/best-images-of-2012/ !!!

We’re a well travelled lot … and the images in our 2012 BEST collection were made as far afield as Afghanistan, India, China, England, Turkey, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Malaysia and Antarctica … as well as all around Australia.

All of us at ‘fotostrada’ hope you enjoy the images … and would like to wish you all an excellent holiday season.

Below are the collected thumbs of the gallery images … click on it to take you to the full size Gallery images.

© Brian Cassey, Dean Lewins, Tracey Nearmy, Sam Mooy, Kelly Barnes, Glenn Campbell, Mark ‘Crusty’ Baker, Graham Crouch, Dean Saffron.


Global Gallery and ‘Bus’ Portraits …

An excellent evening last week at the Global Gallery in Paddington Sydney for the ‘opening’ of our ‘fotostrada’ collaborative exhibition – “Portraits on a Bus”.

The exhibit consisted of thirty prints by ‘fotostrada’ members Dean Lewins, Tracey Nearmy, Sam Mooy, Graham Crouch, Mark ‘Crusty’ Baker and myself – from geographically as far afield as India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, all around Australia and even Antarctica – all of them portraying the bus passenger and the machines that convey them.

Gratifyingly it seemed that almost every photographer in Sydney had come along to have a look at the work (and down a free drink or two!) and it was excellent to spend just a little time with media imaging colleagues that I don’t get to catch up with too often!

The entire “Portraits on a Bus” work is now available – for those who were unable to get to Global Gallery – on the ‘fotostrada’ web site at http://www.fotostrada.com/#/latest-stories/portraits-on-a-bus/

In addition my own “Portraits on a Bus” essay, consisting of my exhibition images and a number that just missed out on the exhibition cut, are now on my personal web site at https://www.briancasseyphotographer.com/images.php?imagefolder=bus 

The “Portraits on a Bus” exhibition was held in conjunction with the “2012 Head On Photo Festival”. Below is a quick pic of the exhibition opening eve at Global Gallery.

© image Brian Cassey

Portraits on a Bus …

The ‘fotostrada’ photojournalist collective – of which I am one member of a total of eleven  – is showing a group exhibition entitled “Portraits on a Bus” as part of the “2012 Head On Photo Festival” .

The exhibition runs at the Global Gallery, Paddington, Sydney from Tuesday, 29th May to Sunday 3rd June with the grand opening eve on Wednesday 30th May from 6pm. All are welcome to attend.

Here’s the exhibit description from the Head On Festival program and web site …

“The bus is ubiquitous. Every country on the planet has some form of bus transportation.

From cramped roof top rides on dishevelled buses in India … to tiny ‘bemos’ in Indonesia, mundane mass transport in Hong Kong, luxury express buses in Australia … even a work bus in Antarctica – the ‘fotostrada’ collective team has captured all in images which convey the very essence of the travelling bus passenger and the machines that carry them.”

Several of my images made during visits to India, Hong Kong and Indonesia are featured in the exhibition alongside other great work by colleagues Dean Lewins, Tracey Nearmy, Graham Crouch, Sam Mooy, Renee Nowytarger, Mark ‘Crusty’ Baker and Melanie Russell.

I’ve put together my own personal extended version of “Portraits on a Bus” from all my images that made the short list for the exhibition collection … and this essay has been added to my personal web site at https://www.briancasseyphotographer.com/images.php?imagefolder=bus.

Posted below is a small selection of my “Portraits on a Bus” images.

Look forward to seeing you at the exhibition …

Images © Brian Cassey – from Hong Kong, Rajasthan India and Sukawati Bali Indonesia.


‘fotostrada’ on Facebook …

As many of you may know I am a member of the photojournalist collective ‘fotostrada’ – currently eleven experienced well respected and awarded photojournalists based all around the Australian and Asian continents.

As well as maintaining a web site shopfront at www.fotostrada.com which showcases our collective work in personal folios, pic essays and monthly ‘New Singles’ , we also host a Facebook page where we compile, on a regular basis, news items on all aspects of photojournalism, street photography, pro photographer gear and other pro photography related interests.

The page has already amassed a large following (well over 700 at present) and discussion on items posted is proving popular.

You may become one of our ‘fotostrada’ Facebook page followers by visiting us at http://www.facebook.com/pages/fotostrada/109039275790133 and clicking on the ‘Like’ button at the top of the page.

Below is a screen shot of part of the latest ‘fotostrada’ page showing news items etc .

See you there …

Soulless in Seoul …

Whilst spending two days in Seoul South Korea after exhibiting at the Gwangju Design Biennale 2011,  I came across an evolving story that produced a compelling photo essay. Korail – the State owned railway operator – has commenced the forcible eviction of several hundred homeless from the main new Seoul railway station and the original restored 1925 station adjoining. Many of these homeless were victims of various financial crises over the years and, some, long time residents of the station complex.

At present Korail are removing people from the station building from the hours of 1.30am to 4.30am – but the action has only resulted in the homeless bedding down out in the open in the surrounding station precinct and in adjoining underpasses.

Various activists, churches and civic organisations have rallied to support the homeless but Korail has no intention of reversing the decision.

South Korea is one of the most dynamic economies on the planet and hurtling towards a place in the ‘Top Ten’ list … but the States treatment of it’s senior and less fortunate citizens appears less ’21st century’.

I’ve posted the full story and photo essay of 22 images on the ‘fotostrada’ website in “Latest Stories” … and a small selection of just four images below. As soon as time permits the essay will also be posted to my personal web site.

Images © Brian Cassey 2011