‘Genesis’ Story in Walkley Mag …

The latest edition of the Walkley Magazine has hit the streets … and within is published (at the request of the Walkley Foundation) “In the Beginning” … my story on the ‘Genesis Project’ exhibition.

‘Genesis’ developed from an a germ of an idea I had … to explore the early images of now experienced photographers …  the catalysts that transformed a child, teen or young adult into a potential devoted pro photographer. The moments when through creating an image they realised “this is what I want to do – become a photographer and make photographs – to capture life’s moments”.

The exhibition was a major featured event at this years Head On Photo Festival in Sydney. Was pretty chuffed when contacted by the Walkley Foundation and asked to contribute the ‘Genesis’ story to their prestigious magazine. Posted below are grabs of the three pages as published where you may read the story and see some of the images. (As mentioned in the previous post I was also asked to present a ‘power talk’ and visual presentation on the project at the Walkley ‘Storyology’ event in Sydney.)

There is more on the ‘Genesis Project’ on my blog at … https://www.briancasseyphotographer.com/blog/2014/05/genesis-project-great-company/ … and … https://www.briancasseyphotographer.com/blog/publications/2014/05/genesis-france-world/ … and … https://www.briancasseyphotographer.com/blog/travel/2014/05/curating-genesis-project/

Images in these pages © Fiona Wolf, Katrin Koenning, Ben Lowy, Glenn Campbell, John Donegan, Chris Rainier and Brian Cassey




The Pleasure of Camera Nostalgia …

Delving into images from long past to research “The Genesis Project” has been the catalyst for a wave of nostalgia for those cameras that I used during my formative years in photography.

I’ve always held a soft spot for the various pieces of camera kit that I have used over the years and have in the past mentioned my first ever rudimentary camera and the first images made therewith. Many years ago I was lucky enough to find and buy a second bakelite VP Twin to replace that long lost first camera.

Putting together “The Genesis Project” I was struck by the poignant story of colleague and fellow exhibitor John Donegan … whose entire photography career was born when he was given his brothers camera after his untimely and tragic death. That camera was a Minolta SRT101 – a classically styled SLR launched in 1966 which pioneered TTL full aperture metering.

I also used a Minolta SRT101 in my early years (mostly to shoot British football) and came across a near mint secondhand item online for a good price. On impulse I bought it to add to my collection … and also handed it to John to use at the ‘Genesis’ exhibition launch loaded with a roll of BW film.

My image selected for “The Genesis Project” dated back to my wayward teen years (you’ll have to go to the exhibition to read the whole story) and … coincidentally … I recently came across a nice example of the, now rare, camera I used to make that original pic – a Minolta Rapid 24 rangefinder. The seller (in the UK – EBay – minolta4me-kevin) has also kindly supplied a couple of the unique Agfa Rapid film cartridges that are used with self loaded 35mm film so that I can actually use the camera to take photographs again.

The memories came flooding back when I opened the Royal Mail package and picked out the little Minolta Rapid 24. It really is as charming a camera as I remember.

Not happy to stop there I’m now searching for a much rarer specimen – a Yashica Pentamatic 35mm SLR – to replace the one I used in the years between the Minolta 24 and the Minolta SRT101. Anyone know where I can get one ?

Below is a  pic of my ‘new/old’ Minolta pair and also … “The Genesis Project” image which was made long long ago on a Minolta Rapid 24 in Portugal (middle) and one of my early football photos (Charlton Athletic scoring the winner against Watford at the Valley, also a scary amount of decades ago) that was made on my original Minolta SRT101. A real decisive moment – no motor wind on’s in those days … one frame was all you got! (bottom). Images © Brian Cassey



England - London -  The Valley - Charlton 2 V Watford 1 - 01/10/


‘The Genesis Project ‘ … in Great Company

… well that went orf well then !!  .M Contemporary Gallery, Sydney, was packed to the rafters last eve for the launch of “The Genesis Project” exhibition … my little project that has been a year in the making and a featured exhibition at the massive and currently rocking ‘Head On Photo Festival’ in Sydney.

Twelve of the nineteen photographers involved in the project – Ben Lowy, Murray Fredericks, Peter Solness, Fiona Wolf, Glenn Campbell, John Donegan, Sam Harris, Phil Hillyard, Craig Golding, Jon Lewis, Moshe Rosenzveig – (and me , of course) – turned up to see their work on the walls and talk ‘stuff’ … along with a score of other photographers and photographic personalities amongst a crowd of about a hundred. The crew at .M Contemporary were fabulous hosts and spoiled their guests with some top wines – Thank You’ hugely’ Louise,  Michelle and Candice.

The idea of the collected works is to explore at what point do photographers become photographers? What were the catalysts that transformed a child, teen or young adult into a potential devoted pro photographer. The moments when through creating an image they realised “this is what I want to do – to make photographs, become a photographer and … to capture life’s moments”.

The stories that the photographers have told about their lives, careers and images are fascinating, sometimes poignant and honest … and the words are as much a part of the success of the show as the great photographic works.

If you missed last nights goin’s on you can still catch the exhibition till the 8th of June at .M Contemporary Gallery, 37 Ocean Street, Woollahra. (if nothing else I have now worked out how to spell ‘Woollahra’!)

Below are a couple of quickies of the ‘Genesis’ photographers and other photographers and guests at the opening –

Top – left to right – Mike Bowers, Craig Golding, Ben Lowy, Fiona Wolf (with Phil Hillyard hiding over the rear right)

Centre – left to right – Murray Fredericks, John Donegan (kneeling), Craig Golding, Ben Lowy, Moshe Rosenzveig (kneeling), Glenn Campbell (rear), Jon Lewis (rear), Phil Hillyard (rear), Peter Solness (kneeling), Fiona Wolf,  Sam Harris  and myself.

Bottom – view of work and peoples heads … !

©images Brian Cassey