50th Anniversary – The Australian …

Very gratified to be included at number three out of thirty in ‘The Australian’ newspapers 50th anniversary ‘Heart Of The Nation’ collection today.

The blurb on the title page of the collection reads thus … “Heart Of The Nation – Our best of …
As part of our 50th anniversary celebrations, we present this gallery of the best of The Weekend Australian Magazine’s photo-feature page, ‘Heart Of The Nation’. A weekly snapshot of modern Australian life, Heart Of The Nation is a showcase for the country’s best photographers.”

Excellent to have my work included amongst a stellar line up of Australia’s top photographers … and many thanks to ‘Heart Of The Nation’ editor Ross Bilton for the inclusion. Would also like to take this opportunity to again thank my subject – David Glasheen – who is still doing it tough on remote Restoration Island off the coast of northern Cape York Peninsula.

Below is a screen shot of my image as displayed in todays ‘The Australian’ 50th anniversary collection.

Image © Brian Cassey


Good Weekend … The Last Days of Eden …

The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald weekend mag “Good Weekend” featured Saturday a four page story by Susan Chenery, accompanied by my images, on Restoration Island castaway and all round good guy David Glasheen.

Entitled “The Last Days of Eden” the story told of David’s life of isolation and his current battle to avoid eviction from his island paradise off the northern tip of Cape York Peninsula. I’ve been, indeed, fortunate to visit David several times on ‘Resto’  and he has made me most welcome every time.

Below I’ve posted a screen shot of the “Good Weekend” double page spread … and Susan’s story and more of my images can be found on the Sydney Morning Herald web site at … http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/the-last-days-of-eden-20121008-277yi.html

David’s fight to stay on the island has spread around the planet and much interest has been forthcoming from diverse parts and publications. My images have featured in some interesting countries … also below are just two screen shots of pages from opposite sides of the World … Colombia and Switzerland.

Images of David Glasheen © Brian Cassey