Masters of Photography …

Somehow … and this was a surprise to me too … a selection of my work made in India from the “India in an Ambassador” essay has now just been featured on the “Masters of Photography” web site amidst some truly stunning company and work.

The site has for some years featured … up to now 😉 …  the best photojournalism and photojournalists from around the planet and the collection of work is really something to pore over. Gawd knows what my images are doing amongst work of the highest calibre by PJ high flying legends such as … Steve McCurry ( & … Lynsey Addario ( … the late Tim Hetherington ( …
Daniel Berehulak ( & … James Nachtwey ( … and many many more crackers too numerous to mention.

The site at adds work on a daily basis (mine was added six days ago) and it is a ‘must see’ for anybody even vaguely interested in photojournalism and photography.

Below is a grab of the page showing just six of the sixteen “India in an Ambassador” images that featured on “Masters of Photography”. (The total ‘India’ collection constitutes 53 pics and they may be found on my web site here.)

Images from India © Brian Cassey

Masters of Photography - Brian Cassey - India in an Ambassador