Words ‘n’ Pics on Sex in PNG …

The illegality of female and male sex for sale and homosexuality in Papua New Guinea does not mean that these practises are not flourishing in our nearest neighbour … with the resulting growth of HIV/AIDS, sexual violence and rape.

To compile this story and images  – “Lives On The Line – The Risky Business of Selling Sex in PNG” – for Papua New Guinea’s Lily magazine (the first of hopefully more newspaper/magazine publications) – I spent some considerable time last year in ‘establishments’ in Port Moresby that most would politely describe as ‘questionable’ and/or ‘risky’ to say the least. However, most of those I spoke to in relation to their work selling sex did so with polite acceptance and frankness. Photographs were made that would not make their identity and involvement obvious to the authorities.

Amongst those providing me with remarkable insights were a self confessed middle aged lesbian pimp who has the health and well being of her teenage charges very much at heart, two teen girls (16 and 18) who cruise a well known Port Moresby ‘patch’, a ‘working girl’ (Pamuk Meri) who bases herself in an infamous ‘club’ and admits to half a dozen or so ‘clients’ a day … and a young gay man to whom payment for sex is just ‘normal’.

“Lives On The Line” is the third story that I have had published in Lily Magazine – a quality glossy women’s print mag that would well and truly hold it’s own on Australia’s news and magazine stands. (… and Many Thanks to Lily Managing Editor Margo Nugent for her hospitality and assistance!)

If you are interested in the full story and publishing “Lives On The Line” please send me an email at …

Below are pdf’s of the eight pages of the article in the mag …

Magazine © Lily 2015, images and words © Brian Cassey

Lily Magazine article on Sex in Papua New Guinea - words and images by Brian Cassey

Lily Magazine article on Sex in Papua New Guinea - words and images by Brian Cassey

Betel Ban – Words and Pics in SMH …

Making Images is one thing … but putting words together is a little more problematic.

So, I’m more than a little gratified that the Sydney Morning Herald has today published my 1000 word story “Chewing Over a Betel Ban” (and three pics) on page 8 of their News Review section. They are also running the story online and an accompanying pic gallery of seventeen images.

The story and images are the result of a recent (self funded) visit to Papua New Guinea to document the story of the just imposed ban on the sale and public use of the habitual carcinogenic betel nut – or ‘buai’ as it is called locally. The social implications of the ban and it’s effect on the betel nut trade that is a bread winner for a massive proportion of PNG residents will be immense.

The results of my journalistic torment can be found here in the SMH at http://www.smh.com.au/world/chewing-over-a-betel-ban-20131108-2x6ra.html … and the image gallery here at http://www.smh.com.au/photogallery/world/the-betel-nut-20131108-2x6hb.html (update: unfortunately SMH have now – as at Oct 2015 – removed these.)

The complete essay of 27 images on the betel nut story can be found on my website at https://www.briancasseyphotographer.com/photographs/betel-nut-ban-png/ and on the web site of the  ‘fotostrada’ collective at http://www.fotostrada.com/brian-cassey/betel-nut-ban-hard-to-chew/BCBetelNut12/

Below is a screen grab of the SMH story as published on the printed paper page.

Images/Words © Brian Cassey