‘Earth’s Ceiling’ … Arty Stuff …

Very pleasant evening on Saturday attending a great little gallery in the township of Gordonvale, half an hour south of Cairns. The event was – not one but two – simultaneous exhibitions … and in a novel twist one was displayed on the ceiling, the other on the walls.

The Trolley Studio Gallery (and cafe) – run by Ian Tunbridge and Kylie Burke – is breathing new life into the quiet little town … and on Saturday what looked a vast chunk of the community, artists and friends packed the space for the opening(s) of “Living on the Ceiling (there’s no more room down there)” exhibition featuring the works of 20 amazing artists … and … the “Earth’s Ceiling” exhibition featuring 10 talented photographers (well … nine plus me).

The ceiling was adorned with paintings and works in a variety of media, whilst the walls were hung with photographs on the edgy and thought provoking theme of “Earth’s Ceiling”. (There were many a neck doing 360’s around and above the walls!)

My little piece of the exhibition action was an image which was constructed (questionably) just for the theme of  “Earth’s Ceiling” which, following some weird personal logic, I decided to name “Apocalyptico – (Apocalypse by Politicians)” … below.

The artists and photographers presenting their work at the exhibition are (in no particular order) –
Jonas Ericson, Lynda Gregg, Maya Wright, Rick Beresford, Shay Rampal, Kylie Burke, Phil Johns, Justin Bishop, Jessica Roelofs, Ian Tunbridge, Fiona Price, Janelle Williams, Marc Daniel, Andrea Huelin, Malachi Aird, Robyn Baker, Ed Koumans, Mark Bennett, Mark Richards, Cameron Errey, KA Collins, Marc Steiner, Jen Frei, Adam Frew, Briony Frew, Graham Masterman, Rob Dupear … & me …

Thanks Ian & Kylie for the evening, all the work in hosting the exhibitions … and an opportunity to catch up with some great people.

Image © Brian Cassey


'Earth Ceiling' Exhibition at Trolley Studio Gallery, Gordonvale - work by Brian Cassey

"Earth's Celing" - Trolley Studio Gallery - "Apocalyptico (Apocalypse by Politicians)" by Brian Cassey

Korean Photo Mag Exposes Me As A Kid …

Over the years I’ve made images of tens of thousands of people … it’s what I enjoy doing and I’m extremely fortunate that I’ve managed to eke out a meagre living doing just that. However, strangely, throughout my life there have been very very few photographs taken of myself. Even as a child I was rarely photographed and only a handful of pics remain. (Looking in the mirror I suppose that is not so surprising!)

It was, indeed then, very surprising to receive a request from South Korea’s distinguished “Monthly Photography” magazine to provide a photograph of myself as a small child. Their idea was to collect images of photographers from around the World as young children and contrast the photographs in an pic story entitled “In Memory”.

The article featured early childhood photographs of thirty two photographers including myself,  a host of Korean photographers and a selection of renowned International photographers and photo artists – Alberto Salván Zulueta (Spain), Michal Solarski (UK), Matthieu Gafsou (Switzerland), Mary Fashbaugh (USA), Sylvia Kowalczyk (Poland), John Goto (UK), Jonny Briggs (UK), Eduardo Leal (Portugal) and Eeva Hannula (Finland) – all of which are much more accomplished than I !

This – very roughly translated from the (edited) Korean text – is their rationale – “We asked photographers from Korea and around the World to send photos of themselves and their families when they were very young. Every photographer supplied a photo that told a real story of childhood in these countries in days long gone. There are a lot of real stories in these powerful family photos. Every generation has a different lifestyle and we can see that in the photographs. But time goes on …
More importantly these photographs show that family love never changes. Those old photos help us think about the real meaning of the family”.

The caption under my pic roughly translates (again edited) to – “I was about 3 years – my sister 6 years older – that day Queen Elizabeth visited our neighbourhood, went past our house and along our street .We were waiting for the Queen wearing best dressed and fancy dress. She came past our house in her royal limousine. When the Queen had gone we had a street carnival. My sister grabbed my hand during a very special moment for the neighbourhood”.

Yes – that is me on the top right! (To my right is my sister Brenda and then our two boy neighbours.)

Below I’ve posted images of the relevant pages of the 15 page article, cover of the issue of “Monthly Photography” … and a copy of the pic from my childhood. ©