Ten Pages in ‘Australian Photography’ …

Don’t often get this sort of coverage so … many thanks to photography journalist Rob Ditessa and the Australian Photography magazine for the great ten page spread in the current April edition.

Rob managed a nice job putting a cohesive touch to the amazing amount of ‘waffle’ that I supplied at his request on the subject of my many years in the news media photographic industry that dates back to my teens.

In particular Rob was interested in the roles that picture agencies had in my progression from a very raw teen with a manual SLR covering British football to the muck and bullets coalface of the major international news stories such as the Boxing Day Asian Tsunami of 2004. (Sadly the pars mentioning my invaluable pic agency mentors such as AP’s Russ McPhedran were a ‘space’ casualty.)

The pages and images look great … with two double page spread photos and other pics amongst the text … and a ‘The Gear’ box detailing the kit I now use that should keep Kylie and Julie at Nikon Australia a little happy.

Sadly (perhaps not!) the text here will be unreadable … and if you have an inclination to read the story and text you’ll have to either subscribe or shell out for a print copy of the mag at your newsagents … (or send me a message and I’ll see what I can do 🙂 )

Images © Brian Cassey … Pages © Australian Photography

Bi ’16, Hi ’17 …

Thanks to Murray Young for pointing this out (I was across the other side of the planet so initially missed it) … great showing in the first publication of 2017 in the Sunday Mail, January 1.

The S Mail used my image of beaten asylum seeker Abdullatif Almoftaji across the entire front page cover of their photographic retrospective special … ‘2016 Pictures of the Year’ … which also included some mind blowing and soon to be, if not already, ‘iconic’ (for want of a better term) images … including Cameron Spencer’s Getty image of Usain BoltBurhan Ozbilici’s startling AP image of Mevlut Mert Altintas after murdering Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov, Jonathan Bachman’s ‘Black Lives Matter’ Baton Rouge protest pic of leshia Evans … and Mahmoud Raslan’s haunting image of 5 year old Syrian child Omran Daqneesh in Aleppo. All images that will go down in history.

Real Chuffed to have my image part of such an amazing collection.

My pic of beaten 20 year old Iraqi asylum seeker Abdullatif was made at the Manus Island Papua New Guinea police watch house during a visit to document the island’s detainees. In December it was recognised as the winner of the Nikon Walkley Portrait Prize for 2016.

Below is a grab of the January 1st three page Sunday Mail special ‘In the Frame – Pictures of the Year’ (Abdullatif image © Brian Cassey)

Pictures of the Year 2016 - Abdulaftif Almoftaji - Manus Island by Brian Cassey

Pictures of the Year 2016 - Abdulaftif Almoftaji - Manus Island by Brian Cassey


Travel Portraiture Spread in Digi Mag …

… about to hit the newsagents any day now … the new edition of ‘Digital Photography’ magazine features a seven page spread of my work under the title “The Art of Portraiture”.

The renowned enthusiast and pro photographer mag saw fit (for some reason) to use fifteen of my photographs accompanied by twenty of ‘my tips on travel portraiture’.

Not that I’m complaining … they have used a nice selection of my pics and the layout is neat and eye catching … and there are a few images on the pages that have not seen the light of day in a publication previously. The twenty ‘tips’ are all pretty obvious and I’ve probably left out the most important ones!

Please do the publisher a favour and go buy a copy … but if that’s not on …

Below are screen shots of the ‘Digital Photography’ seven page spread. All images (and my tips!!) © Brian Cassey

Digital Photography Magazine1

Digital Photography Magazine 2

Digital Photography Magazine 3

Digital Photography Magazine 4


“My Nikon Life” …

Nice publication in the very latest just hit the streets edition of Nikon’s “My Nikon Life” magazine.

The mag used six pages to showcase eight of my images and an article about my work entitled “Instant Memory”. Looks great …

Had some nice distinguished company in the magazine too …  gracing the other pages is work by legendary rock (music not stones) photographer Bob King, Nikon Ambassador Rocco Ancora and ‘Nikon Walkley Press Photo of the Year’ winner Barat Ali Batoor … and much more.

A very stylishly produced magazine “My Nikon Life” is well worth a look.

Below are grabs of the six pages featuring my work and story.




Instagrammification …

… is the title of a new book I’ve just published containing a selection of 80 images from my Instagram collection. Random images – no particular theme – and no text to speak of.

Just the images … all taken on the (now nearly antique) iPhone4

‘ INSTAGRAMMIFICATION ‘ is 7″x7″ (17.78cms x 17.78cms), available as a hard cover edition, soft cover or eBook … and … if you are interested there are more details and order information on my web site ‘Books’ page here.

Below is image of the cover … © Brian Cassey

Geo France …

A nice whole page publication in the current issue of Geo France Magazine. I haven’t a clue what the text is about – my French is zero – but my image of Kuku Thaypan elder Tommy George looks excellent. Tommy is the last of his tribe which hails from the Laura area of Cape York Peninsula – and when he dies his language and forty thousand years of history will die with him. Tommy was also the original driving force behind the, now firmly established,  biennial Laura Dance Festival – and a wonderful gentleman.

© pic by Brian Cassey

“Pain Is My Name” …

For some time now one of my fondest places to see my pictures published has been the “Heart of the Nation” weekly feature in the “The Weekend Australian Magazine” – a rare image driven feature that runs ‘out of the ordinary’ photos from around Australia and matches the images with great in depth ‘words’.

Now it’s even better … the mag has had a recent major revamp … and “Heart of the Nation” has moved from a single page at the back of the book to what is often a double page spread near the front under the additional title ‘ForeWord – People & Observations”.

The new format looks sensational … and the images leap off the pages at you at about (in my old measurements) 14 inches by 10 and half inches … a size that is pretty rare in newspaper colour mags.

This weekend the mag featured an image I made at the recent Mareeba Rodeo of a chuckling horse dispatching his rider to his destiny and a face full of dirt. Great words, as usual, from journalist Ross Bilton and the two page spread as run and Ross’s words are shown below.

“Heart of the Nation” is a great window for Australia’s fantastic depth of photographic talent … and picture editor Christine Westwood, feature journalist Ross Bilton and the new magazine editor Christine Middap deserve congratulations … and the gratitude of photographers.

Pic © Brian Cassey 2011

Mareeba Rodeo Elroy Josiah Arrow

Words Mareeba Rodeo