ABC Radio Interview with Fiona Sewell – The Aak Puul Ngantam Stockman

Before the opening of my exhibition “The Aak Puul Ngantam Stockman” at “The Tanks Arts Centre” Cairns in February 2014, I was interviewed on the subject by ABC Radio’s talented Fiona Sewell.

Fiona took the time to visit the exhibition and see the images in the last stages of set up (and it shows in the interview) … and it went to air on the morning of February 6th … the day before the ‘launch’ evening.

Many Thanks Fiona !


Audio courtesy ABC Far North ©

Media Report – ABC Radio National – ‘Photojournalism Special’

This ‘Photojournalism Special’ interview first went to air on ABC Radio National’s ‘Media Report’ on Friday 31st August 2012 and has been re-broadcast several times since.

The panel participants in the discussion on the current state of photojournalism were myself, Andrew Meares from Fairfax Media Canberra and April Fonti, picture editor from AAP. (The discussion begins at about 1 minute 20 seconds and lasts till the end at 28 minutes 30 seconds).


Audio courtesy ABC Radio National ©

ABC Media Report – Photojournalism Special …

Had the pleasure and privilege this week of being a third of the ‘panel’ chosen to talk on a ‘Photojournalism Special’ edition of the radio show – ‘Media Report’ on ABC National.

The program, which runs for about half an hour, aired on Friday 31st August at 5.30pm and was repeated early on the Saturday morning.

My co-panelists were Andrew Meares – Chief photographer Fairfax Canberra – and April Fonti – deputy photo editor at AAP … distinguished company !

Media Report host and presenter Richard Aedy led us through a discussion of the state of photojournalism in these changing and dramatic times.

I won’t give too much of it away as you can listen to the entire show by going to the Media Report ABC National web site hereMediaReport – Photojournalism Special

You can also click on the ABC National Media Report page below to hear the program. (Oh Yeah … that is one of my pics made during the Holi Festival in Jaipur, India.)

ABC Radio National – Media Report