“Countdown” … Sunday at Six …

Great Evening and excellent exhibition … “Sunday at Six” … which obviously opened last ‘Saturday at Six’ … with two of my personal works (sort of) and I didn’t have to a do a thing except enjoy !!

My input to the “Sunday at Six” exhibition that celebrates the iconic pop music TV show ‘Countdown’ from decades ago, was to provide two images to Cairns artist ‘Regular’ Rick Beresford who transformed both into meaningful exhibition works in his own enigmatic style.

I certainly don’t encourage or allow anyone to tamper with my images … but Regular Rick is the one exception. We previously (last year) collaborated on another exhibition … ‘The Cassey Remixes’ … where Rick reconfigured several of my images that were then hung on the walls of the Flying Monkey Gallery.

This time the exhibition was at the Crate59 Gallery in Cairns … and comprised not only our two collaborative works but many other pieces by Rick and fellow artists Kylie Burke, Andrea Huelin, Olivia Azzopardi and Pam Kurabs. Each work on the walls referenced a 1970’s or 1980’s pop recording that was doubtless featured on “Countdown”. Our ‘Rick and Brian’ pieces … entitled “Making Plans for Nigel” … top image below … and “Indestructible (Not So Small Anymore)” … bottom image below …  respectively referred to songs by XTC (Making Plans for Nigel) and Spandau Ballet (Gold). The original photos were portraits I made of Stuart Snyder at his home in the indigenous township of Mona Mona and Mai Thai boxer Bianca Cook during a Cairns competition. They may be found in their earlier rendition on my pages here and here.

The eve included a tasty live music section, some great nostalgic 70’s and 80’s tunes and some interpretive dancing.

In all a whole lot of bloody good fun with great people … and some ‘art’ …

Images © Brian Cassey and Rick Beresford


Countdown - Sunday at Six - Crate59 Cairns - artworks by Brian Cassey and Rick Beresford

Countdown - Sunday at Six - Crate59 Cairns - artworks by Brian Cassey and Rick Beresford


‘Remixes’ at ‘Flying Monkey’ …

It was a great compliment to be asked to participate in an exhibition collaboration with talented Cairns artist Rick Beresford … and the results of that partnership are now up on the walls of the Flying Monkey Gallery.

Rick – an accomplished artist, curator and arts educator – asked if he could ‘work’ on several of my images … and the startling resulting works now form the exhibition ‘The Remixes’.

The exhibition is now open to the public at the Flying Monkey … and the official launch/opening will be at the unusual time of 10am (yup … in the morning) next Saturday 17th June (just before I jump on a plane for Melbourne!). So please do drop in Saturday to the Flying Monkey on Sheridan Street Cairns, grab yourself a coffee and some breakfast and say ‘Hi’ !

Below is one of the results of our collaboration from an image I made of three year old Harmony in the indigenous community of Kowrowa west of Kuranda.

Image and work © Brian Cassey and Rick Beresford

'The Cassey Remixes' - at the 'Flying Monkey Gallery' Cairns - by Brian Cassey and Rick Beresford