New Nikon Df … and London …

Thanks to the efforts of Nikon Australia and ECS Sydney I now have a nice spanking new piece of kit – the Nikon Df – to play with during the current trip back in the UK.

First impressions of the new retro style full frame Nikon Df DSLR is that it fits nicely in the hand, is light enough to carry around all day … and produces great images. It’s amazin’ how easily and quickly you fall back into using the old fashioned dials to adjust settings rather than the newer fangled buttons and windows. Must be in my blood … ! (Must say I prefer the look of the black body Df … the chrome version looks a little too ‘busy’ and a little overstated to me. But that’s just me … ).

The Df uses the innards of Nikon’s D4 so the low light results are truly spectacular. I’ve attached below a quick frame shot at night on the wet cold streets of London – deliberately shot under exposed for pictorial effect.

Image © Brian Cassey