Revamped Web Site ‘Live’ … !

If you are reading this then my new totally revamped web site is now LIVE!

Although the overall feel and look of the new site  is reminiscent of the older one it is actually a complete rewrite and you will notice huge improvements. The images have all been reworked and resized and now display much larger whilst automatically adjusting to fit the size of the viewing screen. So … if you have a large monitor the images will show nice’n’BIG!

In addition – site navigation has been much improved, new previously unseen photo essays and images have been added, the awards page has been updated … and there is now a brand new additional page -‘Play’- which features slide shows and multi media content.

A very patient and understanding Karl Sandoval from Julian Communication was responsible for the great work on the revamp … and he can now relax and stop dreading my continuous flood of emails!

All in all the new revamped site should greatly improve the viewing experience. If you find any bugs or glitches … or have any comments at all on the new site … please leave a comment here or email me at … Thanks!

Below is a screen shot of the new main page showing the improved navigation to the various photographic portfolios and images etc.

© Image Brian Cassey


Bigger Pics Close …

Thanks to Karl Sandoval and Julian Communication the web site revamp is just days away. On completion you will notice the images are rendered much larger than on the old site – with pics adjusted for viewing screen size. Navigation will also be improved. You will also notice other tweeks and improvements. Will update you all here when the new site goes ‘live’.

Big … BIGGER … !

My web site is currently undergoing a revamp ! The aim is to make the images render much larger … and the pics will also be optimised for the viewing screen size. Navigation of the site will also be improved with new mouseovers and other recent innovations.

The refurbishment work is being undertaken by Karl at Julian Communication  – who did such a good job on the current site that it still looks fresh years after it’s original launch in 2006.

Karl and Jesper at Julian Communication have a presence in Stockholm, Berlin and Shanghai and have made something of a niche for themselves with their photographers web sites.

If you require a site that best showcases your photography work I can highly recommend them.

When the new site goes live you will hear about it here!