United Nations Media Peace Awards …

… announced yesterday … a selection of my work from “Life in a Coffin: Hong Kong” has been chosen as one of the three Finalists in the  “2012 United Nations Media Peace Awards” for Photojournalism. The other two finalists in the photojournalism category are Stuart McEvoy from Melbourne and Lee Giriffiths from Western Australia.

The Winners will be announced at a presentation dinner attended by United Nations big wigs and media in Melbourne on October 26th to coincide (almost) with United Nations Day (Oct 24).

Really excellent to be selected in the final three … although Stuart and Lee’s work will both provide tough competition for the prize.

One of my selected images is shown below … whilst the entire “Life in a Coffin: Hong Kong” essay … and the story … can be found on the site of my photojournalism collective ‘fotostrada’ here.

© Image Brian Cassey

2 thoughts on “United Nations Media Peace Awards …”

  1. Your coverage is amazing. I’ve been to Hong Kong and seen the crowding, but your images and text bring a whole new dimension. It is possible to imagine from your images what life must be like for these poor forgotten people. I’m amazed that you have been able to capture as many shots as you have, in view of the incredibly cramped conditions, from a technical aspect I am interested to know the camera, lens and settings that you used, if you are prepared to tell me. I’m not trying to ‘pinch’ any ideas here, I’m a pure amateur just keen to learn.

    I have been following a few photo blogs, but not found one from a photo journalist so far – it gives meaning to photos, not just the pleasure of viewing. You have created, not only an accurate pictorial record, but managed to invoke emotion from your writing as well. I actually read the article before viewing the photos and you had already painted a fairly precise picture – but still the photos were moving. You have captured the essence of misery these people must live with each day.

    • THANK YOU Kirsty for your kind words … very gratifying ! I must admit to having a strong commitment to this story – it was my second visit to HK to record the low cost ‘housing’ situation. Not an easy story to gain access and cover …
      Regarding kit … just a Nikon D3s usually with a 24-70 or 14-24 when it got real tight! Probably used 1600 or 3200 asa for inside shots.

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