South Korea – ‘Monthly Photography’ …

How’s your Korean? I have absolutely no idea what the text says (which is a little disconcerting) but I must say I’m a little pleased with the six page spread of my images in the soon to hit the streets (in South Korea) edition of “Monthly Photography” – the oldest and most respected photography magazine in Korea.

The mag (established in 1966) was keen to showcase my work covering Cyclone Yasi from a couple of years ago in a special edition “Eyes of the World” featuring photographers and their work from around the planet (which surprises me immensely considering the mind blowing work that other photojournalists managed to make in the aftermath of the much more disastrous and more recent Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines).

Still – it’s a very nice compliment, it’s always good to see your work gain exposure (especially in countries where your work is not generally seen) …  and it is a nice simple layout.

Now … can anyone out there send me a translation please !?

Below are grabs of the six pages containing Korean text and my images … and also one of the “Eyes of the World” special edition magazine cover.

Images © Brian Cassey

레이아웃 1

레이아웃 1

레이아웃 1