Great Bit of the Barrier Reef …

Over the decades I’ve been fortunate to visit many Great Barrier Reef dive sites working on reef stories for various publications … but this one spot – the Fish Bowl at the Sno Dive Site at Opal Reef out from Port Douglas visited whilst working for the Courier Mail just before Christmas …  is really something else !

Just before my visit the BBC selected this very reef spot and spent two weeks here filming a documentary and searching for the ultimate reef footage and ‘money shot’.

In this pic made on a Nikon D4s in a Ewa Marine housing, Heather Baird – a 23 year old dive master from the reef boat Calypso – is swimming amongst an amazing variety of corals.

Lets hope the threats of global warming, coral bleaching, ocean acidity, fertiliser runoff … and the crown of thorns star fish … do not impact this beautiful irreplaceable environment.

(September 2016 Update – I returned to the Sno Dive Site. It appears that the vivid colours of the coral in this image from December 2015 MAY have been due to the coral being ‘under stress’ from sustained high water temperature … as the bleaching process began. Certainly, on my return to Sno there were no corals showing such intense colouration.)

Image © Brian Cassey 2015

Opal Reef - Great barrier Reef Australia

Sarah Floating with Fishes is the ‘Business’…

Great to see this image (below) of Belgian visitor Sarah Idriss Yazami at the Great Barrier Reef used really nicely on the cover of the current Queensland Business Monthly magazine published on Friday. I made the pic with the help of the delightful Sarah and dozens of cooperative reef fish at Green Island several months ago – originally to accompany the story of the The United Nations World Heritage Committee decision against listing the Great Barrier Reef as ‘in danger’.

Another image from the same set was used to accompany that original story in Queensland Newspapers ‘Sunday Mail’, and this pic languished for a few months until picked up for the QBM cover of their new issue focusing on the resurgence of Queensland’s reef island resorts.

Sarah – a member of the Save the Turtle program – was a model of patience as we waited on the rain swept island for the tide to recede and for the sun to emerge … several hours later the rain clouds parted and we had a tiny window to make the pics before the ferry headed back to Cairns. Cue fish … !

Image © Brian Cassey

Swimming with the fish at Green Island Great Barrier Reef