‘Lost Boy’ in The New Republic …

Great magazine with imaginative layouts and excellent writing – ‘The New Republic” – published in the US and covering politics, culture and the arts, is a breath of fresh air in magazine publishing. Great shame there isn’t a mag like it in Australia.

Have just received a hard copy of the latest September edition with several of my images of Restoration Island ‘stowaway’ David Glasheen accompanying a great piece of writing by journalist Kent Russell. The story – entitled “The Lost Boy of Restoration Island – Is It Possible to Disappear Completely” and scrawled over the pages with crayon – runs over all of twelve pages and utilises one of the nicest and most creative layouts I’ve seen in a magazine. The remainder of the issue is full of similarly great reading again using great layouts. Kudos to ‘The New Republic’.

Kent’s words brilliantly capture the character and essence of island loner David Glasheen and his lifestyle on tiny Restoration Island off the coast of Cape York Peninsula near Lockhart River. Six of my images of David, made on the island, accompany the text.

Although the article is best viewed in the print edition to appreciate the fantastic layout, you can also read Kent’s words and see my images online at http://www.newrepublic.com/article/114549/dave-glasheen-lost-boy-restoration-island

Below is a grab of the first two title pages of the twelve page article in the print edition showing the imaginative layout with just one of my images of David.

Image © Brian Cassey