Back to PNG …

Just back from another ‘interesting’ week in Papua New Guinea where I worked on a couple of new stories. It’s never dull working in and with the people of PNG … and this trip was certainly no exception.

The ‘uncertainties’ that always surface when working in the country were intensified on this trip – and ‘tales’ will be told in the future I’m sure. Due to publishers request the exact story lines of the work cannot be divulged at this time (and I haven’t got far into the writing side of things as yet) … but below I’ve posted three images made during my time on the PNG visit last week … as a bit of a teaser.

All images © Brian Cassey 2014

20140610_PNG2   20140613_PNGJulie1   Ex Cairns Australia  pic by Brian Cassey Pic by Brian Cassey

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