Image Theft From @everdayclimatechange …

In May I was invited to join the Everyday Climate Change @everydayclimatechange Instagram group … a collaborative feed founded by James Whitlow Delano to highlight the visual effects of warming on our precious planet. It has recently grown to surpass one hundred thousand followers. Delighted to join a group of dedicated wonderful photographers with a vitally important agenda.

Sadly, @everydayclimatechange has been the victim of blatant image theft by a ‘for profit’ company. A dozen contributors, including myself, have seen their work stolen, their personal and @everydayclimatechange image credits stripped … and featured on the companies instagram feed complete with our copyright holders captions in place.

We at @everydayclimatechange are now collectively contemplating what action to take to redress the situation.

Below … side by side … are my relevant © contributions to @everydayclimatechange (left) and the stolen works as published (right – with the offending company name etc obscured at present).

Images © Brian Cassey

@everydayclimatechange by Brian Cassey

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