Cairns School Climate Strike in South Korea …

Last Friday school children around the planet once again took to the streets in their millions to protest against their respective governments refusal to instigate meaningful plans to combat the effects of climate change … and save the only home we have from possible extinction.

The ‘Global Youth Strike for Climate Action’ was the second World wide youth strike this year … and numbers this time far out-numbered the earlier event in March. I covered both events in Cairns for the Everyday Climate Change Global Instagram feed ( @everydayclimatechange ) which now has around a hundred and forty thousand followers.

At a (well timed) event in the city of Seongnam in South Korea the day before last Friday’s youth marches, an exhibition officially opened on the same subject of climate change … and it features my images made at the March climate action protests by school students in Cairns.

I was invited to participate (the only oversees exhibitor) in the exhibition ‘Every Day for Tomorrow’ … ‘ 내일을 위한 매일 ‘ … by event organiser and artist Yoa Eunkyung K, alongside three other South Korean artists with a variety of works and messages.

Hoseob Yoon ( 윤호섭 ) is an environmental activist and creative designer … the most well known artist working on environmental issues in South Korea.

Jeeyoung Lee ( 이지영 ) is a visual artist dedicated to spreading the word on climate change to the children of South Korea.

Joo Yangseob is a graphic artist who produces posters on the subject of climate change and social injustice.

Exhibition co-ordinator Yoa ( 좋아은경 ) uses wire in creative ways to make statements in her artworks.

So … it was a distinct pleasure to be asked to participate alongside such talent … and help showcase the plight of our planet to South Koreans. According to Yoa the subject of climate change is not a big issue in South Korea so it is gratifying to think the my images of Cairns school children may make a difference. The event was also an opportunity to showcase the work of our talented bunch of @everydayclimatechange photographers.

Below is the poster (top and bottom) for the exhibition which runs until the 27th October at the majestic Pangyo Eco Center in Seongnam … and just two of my images (© Brian Cassey) which grace the gallery wall made at the March schools climate action rally in Cairns.

Oh yes … apparently … my name in Korean is … ‘ 브라이언 캐시 ‘ … it’s on the poster (top) ! (at least I hope that’s what it says !).

Image Theft From @everdayclimatechange …

In May I was invited to join the Everyday Climate Change @everydayclimatechange Instagram group … a collaborative feed founded by James Whitlow Delano to highlight the visual effects of warming on our precious planet. It has recently grown to surpass one hundred thousand followers. Delighted to join a group of dedicated wonderful photographers with a vitally important agenda.

Sadly, @everydayclimatechange has been the victim of blatant image theft by a ‘for profit’ company. A dozen contributors, including myself, have seen their work stolen, their personal and @everydayclimatechange image credits stripped … and featured on the companies instagram feed complete with our copyright holders captions in place.

We at @everydayclimatechange are now collectively contemplating what action to take to redress the situation.

Below … side by side … are my relevant © contributions to @everydayclimatechange (left) and the stolen works as published (right – with the offending company name etc obscured at present).

Images © Brian Cassey

@everydayclimatechange by Brian Cassey

Everyday … Climate Change …

During the Head On Photo Festival in Sydney a few weeks back I got to meet with many photographer colleagues … some that have been friends for many years … and many that I was meeting for the first time. Amongst the later was James Whitlow Delano … an American reportage photographer based in Tokyo with a reputation for great work on the subjects of human rights, the environment and culture.

James was a co-member of the Head On Photo Festival featured debate panel on photojournalism … and following the proceedings at The Beauchamp Hotel we had a little chat. James explained that he was the creator of one of the most far reaching and popular ‘everyday’ Instagram feeds … @everydayclimatechange … and invited me to join. Cool bananas … !!!

@everydayclimatechange, as the name suggests, attempts to highlight the problems and challenges of Global climate change through imagery … and it’s photographer lineup is awe inspiring! As well as James … amongst the inspirational and dedicated members are Ed Kashi, Ashley Crowther, Michael Robinson Chavez, Franck Vogel, Palani Mohan, Amnon Gutman, Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, Matilde Gattoni and Vlad Sokhin … to name just a few from around six continents. (Apparently I’m the first Australasian based member – an honour indeed).

The feed is currently (today) followed by over ninety six thousand people World wide … and fast approaching the 100K milestone. It makes fascinating reading and viewing and brings into stark reality the effects that human habitation is having on our Global home.

For myself, already a member of of @everydayaustralia created by Andrew Quilty and currently with over 56K followers, @everydayclimatechange gives me the opportunity for my work to be seen by a wider audience … and perhaps make an infinitesimal difference to the state of our planet.

Please consider following @everydayclimatechange

Below is a screen grab of the @everydayclimatechange page … followed by the image and text of my very first post. Thanks James for the great opportunity.

Images © Brian Cassey (1) and individual photographers.

@everydayclimatechange - Everyday Climate Change - Brian Cassey


@everydayclimatechange - Everyday Climate Change - Brian Cassey