Digging Up a Croc …

Recently received a call from the Museum of Tropical Queensland Townsville asking if they could purchase some of my crocodile images (from ‘Animal Portraits’ on my web site) to promote their massive new exhibition ‘Croc Country’.

No problem … except that their favourite pic, that they had selected as the ‘signature’ image for all their signage, invitations and promotions, was well … old … dating back way before the advent of digital photography in the work flow.

A desperate search of my (not so well organised) film archive eventually turned up the original pic which was shot on transparency stock way, way back. Luckily it was in surprisingly good nick.

Have now seen the proofs of the promotional and exhibition material from the Museum of Tropical Queensland and the old photo is now earning it’s keep and seeing the light of day once more (see below).

‘Croc Country’ runs from the 15th November till the 1st of March 2015 at the Museum of Tropical Queensland, Flinders Street, Townsville.

image © Brian Cassey (sometime last century)

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