‘fotostrada’ … BEST images of 2012 …

As another year draws to a close all of us at the ‘fotostrada’ collective are determined not to be outdone by all the ‘best of’ image lists that sprout online and in apps at this time of year.

So … we’ve come up with our very own “The ‘fotostrada’ BEST of 2012” gallery … which is now live on our web site at http://www.fotostrada.com/#/best-images-of-2012/ !!!

We’re a well travelled lot … and the images in our 2012 BEST collection were made as far afield as Afghanistan, India, China, England, Turkey, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Malaysia and Antarctica … as well as all around Australia.

All of us at ‘fotostrada’ hope you enjoy the images … and would like to wish you all an excellent holiday season.

Below are the collected thumbs of the gallery images … click on it to take you to the full size Gallery images.

© Brian Cassey, Dean Lewins, Tracey Nearmy, Sam Mooy, Kelly Barnes, Glenn Campbell, Mark ‘Crusty’ Baker, Graham Crouch, Dean Saffron.