L’Oiel … Head On Festival Top Five …

Pretty speechless about this … an article today in France’s brilliant photographic magazine “L’Oiel de la Photographie” (The Eye of Photography) by photographic journalist Alison Stieven-Taylor has my Head On exhibition … “A Photographer’s Life – Part One” … as one of the top five exhibitions in the current “Head On Photo Festival” in Sydney.

Considering that this years “Head On Photo Festival” features photographers work in about a hundred and twenty exhibitions and locations around Sydney city …  that is amazingly gratifying. Especially when, as I have seen, the amazing work from photographers around the planet who have been selected to exhibit their fantastic work on seemingly every available Sydney wall.

Alison rounded out her top five picks with Juli Balla’s “Where the Sidewalk Ends”Dina Litovsky’s “Meatpacking”Astrid Verhoef’s “Inscapes” and “Kings Cross 1970-1971” by Australian legend Rennie Ellis.

However, there are many other exhibitions at Head On this year that will also blow you away … including, but not only, “Amelia and the Animals” by Robyn Schwartz, brilliant “Bowie Unseen” by Marcus Klinco, Michael Amendolia’s work on sight restoration in Africa and Asia, Natan Dvir’s “Platforms” … and … Maggie Steber’s mesmerising “The Secret Garden of Lily Lapalma”.

I’ll be posting more about my exhibition and my time at the festival in the days to come. Do yourself a favour and try and take in as much as you can of one of the Planets greatest photography events.

Below … a screen grab from “L’Oiel de la Photographie” and Alison’s ‘top five’ exhibitions.

Images © Brian Cassey, text © Alison Stieven-Taylor and “L’Oiel de la Photographie”.


L'Oiel de la photographie - "A Photographer's Life - Part One" - top five exhibitions Head On 2017



“A Photographer’s Life … “

Just one week out from the opening of my very personal exhibition … “A Photographer’s Life – Part One” … at the wonderful Juniper Hall, Paddington, Sydney.

The exhibition assembled from across my decades of work has been quietly coming together over the past few months with the help of Moshe Rosenzveig from Head On … and is a featured exhibition of this years “Head On Photo Festival” which also kicks off across Sydney next weekend.

So it was timely and hugely appreciated to today get a massive plug for the exhibition from renowned photography journalist Alison Stieven-Taylor in her brilliant ‘Photojournalism Now’ industry newsletter.

‘Photojournalism Now’ is a must read one stop weekly read for all that is relevant and new in photography and photojournalism.

Alison introduces this weeks edition`on Facebook with this … “This week it’s all about Head On Photo Festival (Moshe Rosenzveig, Brian Cassey, Michael Amendolia, Maggie Steber, Dina Litovsky, Juli Balla) – check it out. This is a mind blowing line up and it’s only a preview.” … and personally I’m pretty ‘mind blown’ to be included in such a list of photographic talent 🙂

Alison goes on to excuse my Brit birth in her plug for “A Photographer’s Life – Part One” … below.

Thanks Alison … and looking forward to a thoroughly enjoyable exhibition and festival.

(“A Photographer’s Life – Part One” is showing at Juniper Hall, 250 Oxford St, Paddington, Sydney from May 6th till 4th June. The “Head On Photo Festival 2017” runs from May 5th to 28th May.)

Images © Brian Cassey

Photojournalism Now - Head On Photo Festival 2017 - Brian Cassey