The Guardian … Vintage Nikon F2 … and Film ! …

… in good company in The Guardian today as they feature the 400TX Project presenting black & white film work produced on a 50 year old Nikon F2 passed around to some of (quote) … “Australia’s most prominent photographers” … including this geezer from Cairns.

The project was the brain child of Brisbane photographer Renato Repetto who transported the vintage 1970’s black Nikon F2 with a 55mm lens loaded, with just one 36 frame roll of Kodak Tri-X BW film, on numerous journeys criss crossing Australia and into the hands of current working photographers who gave it their best shot.

The Guardian story (a snippet below) can be found in full at … and on abridged version on Insta at … under the title ‘Back to Basics’.

The list of photographers featured is as impressive as the work … Dean Sewell, Tim Page (so sadly no longer with us), Paul Blackmore, Robert McFarlane, David Maurice Smith, Peter Solness, Michael Coyne, James Brickwood, Shehab Uddin, Jakub Fabijanski, Oli Sansom, Meg Hewitt, David Kelly … and yours truly .

My frame in the feature is “Too Busy To Die” … made in sparse light with the last frame of the thirty six on the  film roll … of accomplished musician Geoff Tozer. He had just told he was dying. He was diagnosed with bowel, bladder, bone and advanced spinal cancer. But, he told me, “I’m too busy to die.”

I cut my teeth on ‘manual everything’ film cameras like the Nikon F2 decades ago and used ‘zone focusing’, guessed exposures and well-timed single shutter releases in my early work. This project has brought into stark reality how spoilt we photographers are now with digital imaging and digital photo technology … and, to be honest, the process of shooting black and white film again scared me stiff !

(The two posts on the 400TX Project published when I originally made the “Too Busy To Die” work can be found here … … and here … … whilst a further post regarding 400TX and my work in an Australian Photography article can be found here …

Image “Too Busy To Die” (top) © Brian Cassey … Image “Sin & Stef in Bondi” (bottom) © Paul Blackmore, page “Back to Basics” © The Guardian


The Guardian - 400TX Project - Back to Basics - Image "Too Busy To Die" of Geoff Tower by Brian Cassey


The Guardian - story 400TX Project - Back to Basics - Image "Too Busy To Die" of Geoff Tower by Brian Cassey ©, second image © Paul Blackmore

“Paper Tigers” … Being There … and Not Being There …

Only TWO more days (Saturday and Sunday) to see the “Paper Tigers” exhibition … the work of sixty of Australia’s fine photojournalist contingent … on the walls of the ‘Twenty Twenty Six Gallery’ in Bondi, Sydney.

The Head On Photo Festival “Paper Tigers” featured exhibition was a year in the making … and made it’s debut strictly ‘online’ earlier in May this year. Covid postponed the physical exhibition of works … until now.

Each of the sixty contributors supplied images they seemed most appropriate … and Head On’s founder/director Moshe Rosenzveig OAM and myself curated the selections down to a single image from each. The result is a fascinating multi faceted collection of Australian photojournalism from across the decades.

To quote the Head On web site … “The exhibition celebrates photojournalism at a time when the need for truthful journalism has never been more critical and takes us back to critical moments through recent Australian and world history, and the images by which we remember them”.

These are the sixty so talented contributors that made it happen … Alex Coppel, Andrew Chapman, Angela Wylie, Ashley Crowther, Barbara McGrady, Ben Bohane, Brendan Beirne, Brian Cassey, Chris Hopkins, Craig Golding, Craig Greenhill, Darrian Traynor, Dave Tacon, David Dare Parker, David Gray, Dean Lewins, Dean Sewell, Delly Carr, Eddie Safarik, Edwina Pickles, Gerrit Fokkema, Glenn Campbell, Glenn Lockitch, Grant Wells, Helga Salwe, Ilana Rose, Jaime Murcia, Jake Nowakowski, Janie Barrett, Jessica Hromas, John Donegan, John French, Justin McManus, Louise Kennerley, Luis Ascui, Mark Crusty Baker, Martine Perret, Max Mason Hubers, Meredith O’Shea, Merv Bishop, Michael Amendolia, Michael Coyne, Moshe Rosenzveig, Nic Walker, Nick Moir, Nicola Bailey, Noel Butcher, Paul Blackmore, Penny Stephens, Peter Solness, Richard Wainwright, Rick Stevens, Rob Maccoll, Robert McFarlane, Simon O’Dwyer, Stephen Dupont, Sylvia Liber, Tim Page, Tobias Titz and Tracey Nearmy. Thank You All …

Thanks to Covid-19, many could not make it to the exhibition opening last Saturday in Bondi. However, ‘Paper Tigers’ contributor photojournalists Dean Sewell, Ben Bohane, Mark ‘Crusty’ Baker, Tracey Nearmy, Glen Lockitch, Michael Amendolia and, of course, Head On’s Moshe Rosenzveig were present to celebrate … lucky them ! The former curator of photography at The State Library of New South Wales, Alan Davies, was also on hand at the opening to cast his experienced eye over the works.

I was really gutted that I couldn’t make the journey to Bondi myself … and to visit Paddington Reservoir Gardens where my other exhibition “Me Too … Where The Boys Are … The Girls Are” was also ‘on the wall’ as part of the photo festival. Them’s the breaks … but more is in the pipeline for this significant and historic exhibition down the track.

Time is now running out … just two days to take in “Paper Tigers” at ‘Twenty Twenty Six Gallery’ in Bondi … go see it.


NB … For the many that couldn’t (or can’t) make it to the physical exhibition of works on the wall, the “Paper Tigers” book (see bottom image below) is available to order on the Head On Photo Festival web site at …

Image © Brian Cassey … my work ‘Abdullatif’ with Alan Davies and Glen Lockitch – top © Michael Amendolia … gallery panorama © Michael Amendolia … bottom two (including “Paper Tigers” book) © Moshe and the Head On Photo Festival

'Paper Tigers' - Head On exhibition of Australian photojournalism - co-curated by Moshe Rosenzveig & Brian Cassey

'Paper Tigers' exhibition of Australian photojournalism - co-crated by Brian Cassey & Head On's Moshe Rosenzveig

'Paper Tigers' exhibition of Australian photojournalism - co-crated by Brian Cassey & Head On's Moshe Rosenzveig

'Paper Tigers' exhibition book - published by Head On Photo Festival - by Moshe Rosenzveig & Brian Cassey



East Side FM Interview … Photojournalism, ‘Paper Tigers’ & ‘Strippers’

As a news piece and as a promo for the 2020 “Works on the Wall’ section of the Head On Photo Festival, I had the pleasure of a lengthy ‘on air’ chat with East Side FM’s journalist Paul Neeson. It aired on the Sydney radio station on the Monday morning of the 9th November … the same time as my personal Head On exhibition “Me Too … Where The Boys Are … The Girls Are” (see the blog post and images here) opened to the public in Reservoir Gardens, Paddington.

Paul asked all the right questions … and the subjects discussed crossed photojournalism, portraiture, my work and my current exhibitions “Me Too … (etc)” … and “Paper Tigers” … the exhibition and book on the work of sixty Australian photojournalists that I co-curated with Head On’s Moshe Rosenzveig. “Paper Tigers” is on the walls of the new “Twenty Twenty Six Gallery” in Bondi until the 22nd of November.

The interview, which runs for a little over twenty one minutes, can be accessed here below.

The ABC Story on ‘Paper Tigers’ …

A great piece by ABC journalist Teresa Tan on the ‘Paper Tigers’ project curated by Moshe Rosenzveig and ‘yours truly’ … and one of the highlights of the just completed 2020 ‘Head On Photo Festival’.

Teresa interviewed six of the sixty photojournalists who are participating in ‘Paper Tigers’ …  an anthology of contemporary Australian photojournalism. The published piece delved into the personal back story of the images that each of the six had selected for inclusion in the exhibition and a ‘Paper Tigers’ book that is sure to become a sort after volume. The subject matter captured by each of the six was diverse and the stories of how these images came about extremely illuminating. The six photojournalists whose work is analysed in the ABC article are Tracey Nearmy, Nick Moir, Craig Greenhill, Eddie Safarik, Rob Maccoll … and unashamedly … myself :-). Teresa’s story is available here …

The Guardian also did a fine job highlighting ‘Paper Tigers’ at Head On showcasing the work of Martine Perret, Jaime Murcia, Andrew Chapman, Nic Walker, Michael Coyne, Penny Stevens, Tracey Nearmy, Meredith O’Shea, Glenn Lockitch, Eddie Safarik, Ashley Crowther, Janie Barrett, Jessica Hromas, Delly Carr, Dean Lewins and Alex Coppel. It can be found here …

You can find more details about the origins of the ‘Paper Tigers’ idea and how it evolved on a previous post on this blog at … … which also lists all sixty photojournalists participating in the project.

The ‘Paper Tigers’ exhibition can be found on the Head On Photo Festival site at …   … the Limited Edition book ‘Paper Tigers’ can be purchased from the Head On site at …

Sadly,  the physical exhibition of the work at Paddington Town Hall has had to be postponed … however, it is now planned to have the sixty works on the walls in Paddo in early November. Stay tuned on that one …