A Gallery Sale …

It may have fetched a little less than Gursky’s ‘Rhine II’ – about four million, two hundred thousand, nine hundred and five dollars (give or take a few bucks) less – but it’s a ‘sale’ nevertheless and not to be sniffed at!

My “Rajasthan Dancers” print has apparently been purchased by a (at the moment anonymous) ‘collector’ following the offer for sale on the USA based Duncan Miller Gallery “Your Daily Photograph” collection. Damn fine news and I’m exceedingly grateful to YDP guest curator Alison Stieven-Taylor for supporting my work and making it all possible.

Alison’s spell as guest curator for the month of August on YDP has meant that the work of a host of Australian photographers have received invaluable exposure to collectors , museums and galleries in over 74 countries around our planet … and has made more visible the exceptional work of ‘Down Under’ based photo artists. In great company my work was just ‘one day’ out of 30 which also included, amongst others, the great works of Megan Lewis, Tim PageSam Harris, Paul Blackmore, Louise Whelan, Claire MartinJohn Ogden, Patricia Casey, Kerry Pryor and Tami Xiang … and there is still over a week of Alison’s curating to go.

“Your Daily Photograph” is a great initiative and window for anyone interested in ‘the photograph’ … and well worth the free subscription.

Below is a cut from the YDP page which includes my image … and a click on it will take you to the original page.

Image “Rajasthan Dancers” © Brian Cassey 2011