Papua New Guinea … Police Agro …

Just returned from five days in and around Port  Moresby, Papua New Guinea working on a coupla new stories (all will be revealed in due course).

All went well … even a dramatic and stressful encounter with two extremely agro man mountain police officers at Hohola market. They animatedly berated me – “Who gave you permission to take photos” and other rubbish – and then the largest grabbed my Nikon D3S and dragged it into his police ute. I didn’t let go and a war of words ensued while we had a tug-of-war! Despite heated threats of arrest and a ride to the police station I think I eventually wore them down and they decided it was too hard … and I got my camera back!

Currently wading through a large edit of the PNG images … but have posted just one new image below, made at Eight Mile on the outskirts of Port Moresby.

© Image Brian Cassey 2013