“From Mansions, To Cages, To Coffins — Hong Kong’s Rotten Property Ladder” …

“From Mansions, To Cages, To Coffins — Hong Kong’s Rotten Property Ladder” … that’s the title that my new story – text, photos, pic essay and audio – is running under in the article published this week in the ‘Global Mail’.

The piece is the culmination of a couple of trips to Hong Kong and months of research and planning … however, the result made all the effort worthwhile.

Pretty grateful that the guys at the ‘Global Mail’ thought my journalistic work in both words and images worthy of publication (and payment of course!). I’m also grateful to the poor of Hong Kong I visited, who accepted my appearance with grace – if not always with outright enthusiasm.

This is the first publication of the wider story of the poor of Honkers which includes the relatively new phenomenon of “Coffin Homes”, the more established rooftop shanty villages, the evictions from old industrial buildings and the homeless – and follows on from my original work on “Cage Homes” (which was published on ‘CNN World’ and in the ‘Daily Mail’ amongst others.)

Below is a screen shot of just the first few pars and
images from the story … you can find the complete story on the ‘Global Mail’ at http://www.theglobalmail.org/feature/from-mansions-to-cages-to-coffins-hong-kongs-rotten-property-ladder/626/

Images and Text © Brian Cassey



Life in a Coffin – Hong Kong

This presentation was chosen as the Winner of the Nikon Walkley Photographers Slide Night at the Powerhouse in Brisbane on 7th August 2012. It depicts, in still images and a beautiful musical piece, the current plight of the poor in Hong Kong – acknowledged as the Worlds richest city.

Words and Images © Brian Cassey

Soulless in Seoul (2) …

My newest essay “Soulless in Seoul” – on the evictions of homeless in Seoul South Korea (see post below) – is now also available on my personal photojournalism site proper at … https://www.briancasseyphotographer.com/images.php?imagefolder=seoul

Soulless in Seoul …

Whilst spending two days in Seoul South Korea after exhibiting at the Gwangju Design Biennale 2011,  I came across an evolving story that produced a compelling photo essay. Korail – the State owned railway operator – has commenced the forcible eviction of several hundred homeless from the main new Seoul railway station and the original restored 1925 station adjoining. Many of these homeless were victims of various financial crises over the years and, some, long time residents of the station complex.

At present Korail are removing people from the station building from the hours of 1.30am to 4.30am – but the action has only resulted in the homeless bedding down out in the open in the surrounding station precinct and in adjoining underpasses.

Various activists, churches and civic organisations have rallied to support the homeless but Korail has no intention of reversing the decision.

South Korea is one of the most dynamic economies on the planet and hurtling towards a place in the ‘Top Ten’ list … but the States treatment of it’s senior and less fortunate citizens appears less ’21st century’.

I’ve posted the full story and photo essay of 22 images on the ‘fotostrada’ website in “Latest Stories” … and a small selection of just four images below. As soon as time permits the essay will also be posted to my personal web site.

Images © Brian Cassey 2011