Travel Portraiture Spread in Digi Mag …

… about to hit the newsagents any day now … the new edition of ‘Digital Photography’ magazine features a seven page spread of my work under the title “The Art of Portraiture”.

The renowned enthusiast and pro photographer mag saw fit (for some reason) to use fifteen of my photographs accompanied by twenty of ‘my tips on travel portraiture’.

Not that I’m complaining … they have used a nice selection of my pics and the layout is neat and eye catching … and there are a few images on the pages that have not seen the light of day in a publication previously. The twenty ‘tips’ are all pretty obvious and I’ve probably left out the most important ones!

Please do the publisher a favour and go buy a copy … but if that’s not on …

Below are screen shots of the ‘Digital Photography’ seven page spread. All images (and my tips!!) © Brian Cassey

Digital Photography Magazine1

Digital Photography Magazine 2

Digital Photography Magazine 3

Digital Photography Magazine 4


Korea – Gwangju Design Biennale – Cage Dogs …

Have been invited to exhibit at Asia’s pre-eminent design and arts expo – the Gwangju Design Biennale in South Korea – with the images I collected from my visits to Hong Kong’s ‘Cage Home’ people. The Biennale team are replicating a Hong Kong cage home flat (which normally house up to 20 individual cage homes) and an actual 6 foot by two and a half foot wire cage ‘home’.

My surrounding exhibited photographs will tell the visual story of some of the tens of thousands of unfortunates who are living their lives in these cramped cages in Hong Kong – acknowledged as one of the World’s richest cities.

I’ve also been invited to give a video presentation … so will be off to Gwangju in southern Korea for the opening event on September 2nd.

Gwangju is Korea’s sixth largest city and the focus for contemporary design and arts on the peninsula and, indeed, Asia. The last Gwangju Design Biennale in 2009 attracted fractionally under half a million visitors.

However, Gwangju city is most noted for the 1980 massacre of (an unofficial figure) of near two thousand pro-democracy student demonstrators by the armed forces, when the city was at the forefront of the democracy movement in South Korea. The people of Gwangju are proud of the uprising and tend to be at the forefront of any political upheaval in the country.

Below I’ve posted  just two of the ‘Cage Dogs’ images that will be part of the exhibit at the Biennale. They will link to more cage home images on my web site proper.

Images © Brian Cassey