Tokyo International … Result …

A very welcome email arrived just a day or two before Christmas with the news that two of my works had been selected as winners in the inaugural edition of the Tokyo International Foto Awards (TIFA’s).

‘TIFA’ …  a new event on the calendar … aims “to recognize, reward and expose talented photographers from around the world and introduce them to the creative community in Japan”.

My works selected were … Gold (First Place) in ‘Editorial Personality’ for the portrait ‘The Skin I’m In’ of burns survivor Carol Mayer … and Silver (First Place) in ‘Moving Image Essay’ for my short film ‘Eyes – the Soul of a Photograph’. Both works have featured previously in other awards.

They will be shown alongside other works during the winners exhibition at the Owada Gallery, Shibuya Cultural Center Owada, 23-21 Sakura-gaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo … with the grand opening eve on February 25th. Sadly, I doubt I will be able to take up the invitation.

All Images © Brian Cassey

'The Skin I'm In' - portrait of Carol Mayer - Winner - 'Editorial - Personality', Tokyo International Foto Awards 2016 - image by Brian Cassey

“Eyes” – a Winner in Moscow (and now Tokyo)

Update: December 2016

“Eyes – the Soul of a Photograph” was also selected as Winner and Silver medalist in the ‘Moving Image Essay’ category of the 2016 ‘Tokyo International Foto Awards (TIFA’s)‘ … and was screened at the Owada Gallery, Shibuya Cultural Center Owada, 23-21 Sakura-gaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo in February 2017.

November 2nd, 2015

In news from far flung Moscow … my short film “Eyes – the Soul of a Photograph” was selected as the inaugural Winner of the ‘Moscow International Foto Awards – Moving Image Essay’. Completely stoked … ! Originally put together for the ‘Nikon Walkley Storyology Slide Awards’ (in which it finished 2nd) the piece then went on to be selected as a Finalist in the 2015 ‘Head On Photo Festival – Moving Image Prize’ .

As the winner “Eyes” was projected onto the big screen at a presentation eve at the prestigious FotoLoft Gallery in Moscow (address 4-й Сыромятнический пер., 1/8, строение 6, Moscow, Russia, 105120 !!) on Tuesday November 3rd.

Just a pity I couldn’t get there to see it … but a nice honour to receive a win from the international award, based in Russia, that attracts a host of top photographers from around the planet.


Images and Presentation © Brian Cassey

“Eyes” in ‘Cairns Eye’ …

Many Thanks to Roz Pulley and the team at ‘Cairns Eye’ magazine for devoting the cover and a double page spread in this weekends issue to the recent win for my short film “Eyes – the Soul of a Photograph” in the Moscow International Foto Awards. Very grateful crew … !

Despite the challenge of portraying the essence of a short film about the ‘moving image’ (in more than just one sense of the term ‘moving image’) the piece in Cairns Eye looks great. On the cover and spread they used seven of the twenty six essentially portrait images – made in the USA (2), India (3), Indonesia (1), Thailand (1), Hong Kong China (1), Papua New Guinea (4) and Australia (14) – which featured in the film. Sadly there is no way they can play the haunting accompanying music in the film – a beautifully emotive piece by composer Robert Mann entitled ‘Rio Vista’. However, you can hear the music and see the complete project at …

The rationale for the film – which also was a Finalist in the ‘Head On Moving Image Prize’ (amongst others) earlier this year – was to explore the axiom that that the eyes are the gateway to not only the soul but the still photograph.

For earlier news on the ‘Moving Image Essay’ win in the Moscow International Foto Awards  – and to play the work – please click on my recent post “Eyes” … a Winner in Moscow …” here.

Below I’ve posted screen grabs of the cover and relevant pages from the new Cairns Eye issue – images © Brian Cassey




“Eyes” – Head On Finalist

Very pleased that my multimedia piece “Eyes – the Soul of a Photograph” was chosen as one of only ten Finalists in the 2015 “Head On Moving Image Prize” – part of this years Head On Photo Festival. The ten selected works of amazing diversity and quality were shown continuously at the theatrette of the Brenda May Gallery in Waterloo Sydney during the month of May.


Images and Presentation © Brian Cassey

The Best Moving Images …

Here …  courtesy of the Head On Photo Festival … are ten small teaser segments of each of the ten film works selected as Finalists in the ‘Head On Moving Image Prize’ … including my humble piece “Eyes – The Soul of a Photograph”.

The sheer variety of styles and quality of the other nine Finalists is astonishing … and I’m delighted to be one of the ten with my first entry attempt at this genre.

The complete works of the ten finalists screen from a minute to about about five minutes each – ‘Eyes’ is three minutes duration. Unfortunately the full length screenings of the ten finalists work at the Brenda May Gallery Sydney theatrette has now finished … but I’m sure Head On will pursue further avenues to display this great collection of ‘Moving Images’. Will keep you posted …