India Images … a Reprise …

Very refreshing to see some of my work from India a few years back given a new lease of life in print this weekend.

The piece was published in the ‘Weekend Post’ edition of ‘Cairns Eye’ magazine … the story entitled ‘Global Wanderers’ consisting of text and pics from three “eternal travellers” … Cairns personalities who “view the World through a different lens”. The other two ‘travellers’ are underwater photographer and film maker Christian Miller and former Cairns … now Indonesian based … Balawyn Jones.

My first person one page piece told, accompanied by five photos, of a jaunt around Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh India with a couple of photographer colleagues (Rob Maccoll and Peter Wallis) in a classic Hindustan Ambassador taxi. With the invaluable and so pleasant help of our driver and Ambassador owner Kishore, we travelled to the best bits of both states and made myriads of images. In addition to the five images inside with my story, one pic from the Jaipur elephant festival was also used to grace the whole cover of ‘Cairns Eye’ (see below – I don’t believe that this elephant pic has had an airing in print before).

Won’t disclose the text and spoil it for readers … grab yourself a copy of the ‘Weekend Post’ for a read.

More of my work from India can be found on my web site at … … and …

Below are grabs of the ‘Cairns Eye’ cover (with Jaipur elephant image) and page nine with my text/images.

Images © Brian Cassey and The Cairns Post.


Cairns Post - Cairns Eye Travel Issue - Global Wanderers - India images by Brian Cassey

Cairns Post - Cairns Eye Travel Issue - Global Wanderers - India images by Brian Cassey

India … Redux … 2016

… it’s five years since I visited India for a memorable journey with colleagues Rob Maccoll and Peter Wallis …one of the aims of which was to document life on a road trip from a – once ubiquitous, now disappearing – iconic Hindustan Motors Ambassador (an Indian version of the British 1950’s Morris Oxford).

We found our Ambassador and real gentleman driver Kishore in Jodhpur and travelled – not without incident – through the states of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan … and between us amassed a few photographs.

On returning to Australia I managed a quick edit of the total images and published a pic essay on my personal web site and the ‘fotostrada’ site entitled “India in an Ambassador” which you can find at … .. .and …

However, just the other day I was searching for one of the original pic files and delving into the India archive. I kept noticing images that I had missed during the original edit. So I kept looking …

This is the result – “India Redux 2016” – 34 essentially NEW images that have never seen ‘the light of day’ before … from New Delhi, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Agra, Vrindavan, Pushkar, Jaipur and Varanasi and the roads in-between.

(That’ll learn me to take more care during big edits … !)

The new essay is now live on my site at … … and also in ‘Latest Stories’ on the ‘fotostrada’ photojournalist web site at …—redux-2016/BCIndiaRedux28v/

Below are just three teaser images from the new essay … top and bottom from Jodhpur, middle from Varanasi.

Images © Brian Cassey

Jodhpur - India Redux 2016 - Brian Cassey

Ex Cairns Australia pic by Brian Cassey Varanasi - India Redux - 2016 Pic by Brian Cassey

Ex Cairns Australia pic by Brian Cassey Jodhpur - India Redux - 2016 Pic by Brian Cassey

Masters of Photography …

Somehow … and this was a surprise to me too … a selection of my work made in India from the “India in an Ambassador” essay has now just been featured on the “Masters of Photography” web site amidst some truly stunning company and work.

The site has for some years featured … up to now 😉 …  the best photojournalism and photojournalists from around the planet and the collection of work is really something to pore over. Gawd knows what my images are doing amongst work of the highest calibre by PJ high flying legends such as … Steve McCurry ( & … Lynsey Addario ( … the late Tim Hetherington ( …
Daniel Berehulak ( & … James Nachtwey ( … and many many more crackers too numerous to mention.

The site at adds work on a daily basis (mine was added six days ago) and it is a ‘must see’ for anybody even vaguely interested in photojournalism and photography.

Below is a grab of the page showing just six of the sixteen “India in an Ambassador” images that featured on “Masters of Photography”. (The total ‘India’ collection constitutes 53 pics and they may be found on my web site here.)

Images from India © Brian Cassey

Masters of Photography - Brian Cassey - India in an Ambassador